The Bridge Party

...or how the Nazi occupation of France still haunts modern French society...

Across the leafy, austere suburbs of Western Paris in Neuilly, Versailles and Saint Germain en Laye, little old ladies get together to play bridge.

They are in their eighties and like to talk about their children’s successes, their holidays (past and forthcoming), their new jewels, clothes, maladies.

They don’t like to talk about the Nazi occupation, 1940-1944, how their families survived it and at what cost.

The film documents the present-day lives of these ladies, has them delve into their memories, cheerfully light and terribly dark.

As their past stories unfold, we meet the children of these ladies and how their lives have taken shape. Or not.

A ‘Festen’ for France. 'You can change the world from your deathbed...'


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